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Decks & Decking

Complete decking solutions

Deck and opening roof
Deck and opening roof

National Patios can design and build a complete range of decks, stairs and other decking components. And we can utilise either traditional timbers or innovative composite timber materials within these designs.

From simple decks and landings to complex structures we can develop and customise the perfect solution for your needs.

Integrated Entertaining

National Patios can also incorporate a deck into an integrated outdoor entertaining area. We can combine the look and feel of timber (or composite materials) with the flexible lighting and climate control of an opening or insulated roof.

There's no need to get multiple quotes and coordinate different trades people - National Patios can provide one simple quote and complete the entire job with one efficient service.

Composite Decking

The Sustainable Alternative

Many years of useful life
Many years of useful life

National Patios composite decking provides an alternative to traditional timber decks which is both environmentally sustainable and low maintenance at the same time.

Our composite decking is made from a combination of cellulose material (rice hulls) and recycled high density polyethylene (old milk bottles) making it a virtually 100% recycled material.

The main ingredients are combined with colour pigments, UV inhibitors, anti mould agents and fillers to deliver a very low maintenance alternative to the rainforest timbers often used for outdoor decking in Australia.

Cost Effective

The aim behind developing this product is to build in value so that consumers wanting to make a positive environmental decking choice will not be financially disadvantaged.

Our experience with building and maintaining composite decks has shown us that once the comparable costs of cleaning and staining a traditional timber deck and the ongoing maintenance associated with annual staining etc. then composite decking can save you a considerable amount of time and money over the many years of its useful life.

Advantages & Benefits

Slip resistant
Slip resistant
  • Availability in standard 5.4 metre long lengths
  • Made from 100% recycled cellulose and plastic
  • Resistant to Termites / White Ants
  • Fully finished and ready to install upon delivery
  • 4 designer colours
  • Very low maintenance with no splitting or twisting
  • No cupping, warping, knot holes or splinters
  • Mould and Mildew resistant
  • Low water absorption - won't rot
  • No sap runs
  • Slip resistant
  • Double sided
  • Standard concealed fix
  • Ten year warranty

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean
Easy to clean

One of the best features of our composite decking is that it requires only occasional cleaning in order to keep the surface free of dirt and general grime.

We recommend normal sweeping and cleaning of your deck at regular intervals. Periodic cleaning with a mild detergent or household cleaner will help to keep the surface in top condition and will greatly reduce the potential of any mould growth forming on dirt or food scraps left to build up on the deck • More FAQs about composite decking


timberlast logoTimberlast

Low Maintenance Decking Solution

Beautiful steel subframes with Timberlast decking is an ideal solution for those who want to have an area that has the look and feel of a timber deck, but without any of the maintenance.

Our composite decking will look great for years to come and the bonus is that it doesn’t require any ongoing care.  Timberlast is good for the environment as it is made out of 60% wood waste and 35% recycled HDPE.



underdeck logo

Waterproof Your Elevated Deck Area Into An Entertainment Area

Underdeck is a uniquely designed under deck ceiling system that gives clean lines to the underside of a deck, as well as keeping the area dry in wet weather.

Underdeck panels are engineered to direct water that passes through the deck gap and guides it towards the gutter that runs along the edge. Underdeck is designed to channel water even during heavy rain storms, as the panels are sealed to prevent any leaking.


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